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Know everything about ITR-1

ITR-1 can be filed by a Resident Individual whose:
•    Total income does not exceed ₹ 50 lakh during the FY
•    Income is from salary, one house property, family pension income, agricultural income (up to ₹5000/-), and other sources, which include: 
•    Interest from Savings Accounts
•    Interest from Deposits (Bank / Post Office / Cooperative Society)
•    Interest from Income Tax Refund
•    Interest received on Enhanced Compensation
•   Any other Interest Income
•   Family Pension
•    Income of Spouse (other than those covered under Portuguese Civil Code) or Minor is clubbed (only if the source of income is within the specified limits as mentioned above).

ITR-1 cannot be filed by any individual who:
•    is a Resident Not Ordinarily Resident (RNOR), and Non-Resident Indian (NRI)
•    has total income exceeding ₹ 50 lakh
•    has agricultural income exceeding ₹ 5000/-
•    has income from lottery, racehorses, legal gambling etc.
•    has taxable capital gains (short term and long term)
•    has invested in unlisted equity shares
•    has income from business or profession
•    is a Director in a company
•    has tax deduction under section 194N of Income Tax Act
•    has deferred income tax on ESOP received from employer being an eligible start-up
•    owns and has income from more than one house property
•    is not covered under the eligibility conditions for ITR-1

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