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Fayol’s principles of management

Henri Fayol was a French mining engineer and management theorist who developed a set of principles of management that have become widely influential in management education and practice. Fayol’s principles are as follows:

  1. Division of labor: Work should be divided among individuals and groups to ensure that tasks are performed efficiently and effectively.
  2. Authority and responsibility: Managers must have the authority to give orders, but they must also take responsibility for their decisions.
  3. Discipline: Organizations need to have a system of rules and procedures in place to ensure that employees obey orders and follow the company’s policies.
  4. Unity of command: Employees should receive orders from only one manager to avoid confusion and conflicts.
  5. Unity of direction: Everyone in the organization should be working towards the same goals and objectives.
  6. Subordination of individual interests to the common good: The interests of the organization should take precedence over the interests of any one individual or group.
  7. Remuneration: Employees should receive fair compensation for their work, including both financial and non-financial rewards.
  8. Centralization: Decisions should be made at the highest level possible in the organization.
  9. Scalar chain: The hierarchy of authority should be clearly defined, and communication should flow up and down the chain of command.
  10. Order: Materials and people should be in the right place at the right time to ensure maximum efficiency.
  11. Equity: Managers should be fair and just to all employees.
  12. Stability of tenure of personnel: Organizations should strive to retain employees for as long as possible to avoid disruptions and maintain stability.
  13. Initiative: Employees should be encouraged to take initiative and be creative in their work.
  14. Esprit de corps: Managers should encourage teamwork and a sense of unity among employees to foster a positive and productive work environment.

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